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Competitive freediver Kristin Kuba dives deans blue hole

DOB: 11/22/1992

Height: 5’6

Weight: 120lbs.

Years in competitive freediving: 2 years

Sponsors: double K wetsuits- Korea, Suunto,

Cetma composites-Italy




Kristin was born and raised in Hawaii, as a kid she was very shy and set

out on a career in the beauty industry doing hair and lashes. Living in Hawaii her whole life and never really experiencing the ocean or even knowing how to swim. She starting taking an interest in the ocean through photography after seeing some amazing underwater photos. In 2011, Kristin set out on a mission to learn how to swim not knowing that she was destined to be an amazing freediver.

After learning to swim she was inspired by her friends to get into spearfishing, as spearing is a Hawaiian lifestyle. Her first time she put a mask on and dipped her head underwater she realized the endless beauty she was missing her whole life and curiosity grew. She took her first freediving course in 2015. This started her passion for exploring deeper depths and decided to focus on freediving. With her disciplined and determined attitude she was taught from working in Japanese salons for many years she quickly progressed in the sport.


She entered into her first competition, the Caribbean cup, in 2017 and also the Aida freediving world championships in Roatan, Honduras where she achieved depths of 68m/224ft.


She then entered into a local freediving competition in Hawaii where she placed 1st overall.

In 2018 at the Cmas Hawaii Cup Freediving competition Kristin set the USA national Constant weight bi-fins record of 68m/224ft. and placed first overall.


She continues to quickly progress getting closer and closer to become the deepest female in the U.S.

Not only does she compete, but is extremely passionate in underwater photography and film. She handles all the media associated with Daniel’s freediving business, Deep Freediving Instruction, where you can find a lot of her work on their instagram @deepfreediving. These two freedivers work extremely hard and are very passionate about freediving. There is no other couple like them in the sport of freediving.

At the 2018 Cmas World Championships in Kas, Turkey, Kristin set 2 US National records -70m/230ft. in Constant weight and -71m/233ft. in Constant weight with Bi-fins. This was the first appearance of Team USA at the Cmas World Championships and they managed to bring home a bronze medal competing against 150 divers from over 30 countries.

USA National Records  and Medals

10/06/18 USA NR CWT Bi- Fins -71m/233ft ---- at the 2018 Cmas Freediving World Championships Ka

8/25/18 USA NR CWT Bi- Fins -68m/224ft ---- at the Hawaii Cup Freediving Competition in Kona, Hawaii

8/28/18 Gold Medalist ---- at the Hawaii Cup Freediving Competition in Kona, Hawaii

10/5/18 USA NR CWT -70m/230ft ---- CMAS Freediving World Championships in Kas, Turkey

10/7/18 USA NR CWT Bi-Fins -71m/233ft ---- CMAS Freediving World Championships in Kas, Turkey

04/28/19 Bronze Medalist CWT -73m/240ft.----Xibalba Freediving Competition in Cenotillo, Mexico

08/08/19 Cmas NR CWT -75m/246ft. --- CMAS Freediving World Championships in Roatan, Honduras



Kristin Kuba -71m/233ft CWT Bi Fins USA National Record at the Cmas World Championships in Kas, Turkey 2018.

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